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Educational Toy Planx Wooden Number Set


This 16-piece math blocks set will both delight and challenge your child! Number blocks are ideal for little ones learning to count. And as he grows, this handmade wooden number set is excellent for introducing basic addition, subtraction, and more. Smooth surface. The blocks are made of pine, painted with not toxic lead free paint.


+ ten number blocks (0-9 painted on all sides of each block with lead free nontoxic paint)  - all together 72 number prints
+ two of each equation prints (plus | minus | multiply | divide) 
+ two equals prints

+ two question mark prints
+ eight expression prints (three happy, three confused and two sad)

Squares: 32x32x32mm
Letters painted on all sides of each block.

Packaged in activity tray with chalkboard on the back to practice!


  • Model: PLN