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Educational Toy Planx Wooden Alphabet Set


36 Coloured handmade wooden alphabet toy building blocks with painted letters from A to Z + additional vow blocks. The set consists of 90 vowels, 18 of each, and 126 consonants, 6 of each. Letters are painted on all sides of each block with lead free non toxic paint. It allows to make even some sentences from these blocks. Smooth surface. The blocks are made of pine, painted with not toxic lead free paint. Packed in a wooden box. Learning letters is fun!

Box: 220x220x50mm
Squares: 32x32x32mm
Letters painted on all sides of each block.

Wooden blocks are one of those few toys that will last for many decades... and children will be willing to play with them again and again.
Children enjoy this toy from toddler age to age 13 and even beyond. This means that wooden blocks are a great investment!

Wooden blocks are a very versatile toy. They don't just do one thing they can be whatever the child wants them to be a house, a castle, a car, even a telephone.. You can make towers from these blocks and you can also learn the alphabet having a lot of fun!


  • Model: PLA