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The award winning educational toy which all the family can enjoy!

PLANX is a world of creative fun, innovation, skill and patience for ages three to one hundred and three. Let PLANX range of educational toys develop your childs creativity, logic, and understanding of the physical laws and design principles and watch them enjoy a sense of achievement through playing with improvised building blocks.

Research has shown that playing with building blocks improves hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and reasoning skills in the very young.

PLANX promotes creative play, stimulates the mind and develops a mind-set of discovery and invention. No glue is needed and no need to worry about losing a piece!

PLANX grows with you, from preschool to senior school projects - wooden toys are built to last!

Whatever your age, there is something incredibly fulfilling about designing and building your own creation from scratch. In a world where technology, and fast moving graphics are in the ascendance; PLANX recaptures the unique sense of fun that comes from creativity without boundaries.

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